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  • Xylo Rug

    Xylo Rug

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  • Uluru Floor Rug

    Uluru Floor Rug

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  • Prada Chair

    Prada Chair

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  • Amalfi


    Sitting high off the floor, the Amalfi boasts a clean, streamline design, with gently curved arms and boxed seat and back cushions.

    Made to order, the range includes sofas, chaise, armchair and ottoman.

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  • Zigo Rug

    Zigo Rug

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  • Willow


    Perfect for contemporary living, the Willow is a low profile design with subtle tucked seam detailing on the generously-proportioned arms and cushions.

    Made to order, the range includes sofas, chaises, modulars, armchairs and ottomans.

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  • William


    The William sofa is inspired by retro styles with a sleek, streamline design that features unique french cuff stitching on the arms and seat cushions. Made to order, the range includes sofas, chaises, armchair and ottomans.

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  • Vittoria Flanged Bedhead by GlobeWest

    Vittoria Flanged Bedhead by GlobeWest

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  • Viper Rug

    Viper Rug

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  • Venice


    A versatile style with optional buttoned back cushions, the Venice features offers feather-top comfort with a subtle retro vibe to it. Made to order, the range includes sofas, armchairs and  ottomans.

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  • Venice Beach Surf Print

    Venice Beach Surf Print

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  • Uncle Buck

    Uncle Buck

    The Uncle Buck is a classically styled sofa that has a timeless feel, it integrates seamlessly with both modern and traditional interiors.

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  • Tully Entertainment Unit

    Tully Entertainment Unit

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  • Tully Coffee Table

    Tully Coffee Table

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  • Tub


    A classic Tub Chair with great lumbar support, that sits on tall timber legs.

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  • Toscano Pot

    Toscano Pot

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  • Tepih Tide Rug

    Tepih Tide Rug

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